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Patio Door Replacement

Just like with windows, you want patio doors that are energy efficient, have high-quality materials, allow multiple design options and display long-term beauty and durability. But there are other considerations you should take into account when you’re replacing your patio doors. If you’re replacing a gliding patio door in your home, you may want to […]


Window Replacement

There are a large selection of windows that are ideal for replacement projects, including insert windows that are made specifically for replacement. If you have double-hung windows with frames still in good condition, one of the easiest ways to replace is to remove old sashes and insert a replacement window into the old existing frame. […]



Did we really need Puxatawny Phil to see his shadow to convince us we were in for six more weeks of winter weather?  I don’t think so.  If you think like me, you probably figured that if temperatures were hovering below the freezing mark around February 2nd, it would take at least that long, and […]